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I didn't feel the HD films were quite as sharp as I've seen, but they are clear and I certainly wouldn't rate the quality on the low end since they are worth downloading.

The action, of course, is awesome even if not entirely exclusive. Some of them, like Pink Visual and Elegant Angel also have their own network of sites.

A few downpoints: Can't download whole DVD at once. No download limit really, but to me it seems like you get a bandwidth, and all the files you download splits this. I'll say this the movies they have are so old you could easily buy them for the same price!

AND by the way you CAN NOT download any movies and they claim you CAN!!

Videos promises the biggest porn collection, over 8600 porn stars, 12 000 full DVD's including 2400 HD videos plus more, daily updates, free access to the mobile version, top studios and stars.

I've always enjoyed a big DVD download site and Videos Z looks like it's going to suit me, and just about anyone else, just fine.

MP4 (2670kbps, 720x540) and AVI (1374kbps, 640x360) are the standard formats for the recent collection and MP4 is the HD (5500kbps, 1280x720) format, as well.

I'd say that the films look and sound very good.

I personally wasn't familiar with Video Art Holland and Hundies.Many of them are top-notch studios and it's likely you'll find some of your favourite producers, as well.The models range in type, ethnicity, age and experience.I think I still got my money's worth though.frexxx4Reply to "DP" : ok man, first of all, the reviews are not bought, nor "official", they represent the opinion of a reviewer, in this case, mine. Second : download speeds depend on many factors, and of course, in some cases they go up and down, which obviously happened to you. First of all, their servers are extremely SLOW; it took six hours for me to download a 160mb movie clip (and I have a broadband connection!! Second, the stupid members login link doesn't work so I can't even access the site anymore.There might have been a problem on your side, or the videosz servers were slow for a while ... And lastly, I guess your membership expired in the meantime, so no wonder you cant login anymore. Don't listed to any of these paid "official" reviews. Save your money and get a membership at empornium, puretna or fileporn for good quality FREE porn.

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These days Videos Z offers free live cams and a network series of video scenes in eight additional niches.

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