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It doesn't have much technical value, but could be an interesting read.I've included it in here, in the "Development log" section below.Other than the boot loader, where I was strapped for space, I kept the code on the verbose side, as opposed to the efficient/minimalistic side.If you run across a confusing piece of code, send me an email to the address on the homepage of this website.The images contain the following, all programmed from scratch: I hope that Snowdrop can serve other programmers who are looking to get a basic understanding of operating system functions.Like my other projects, the source code is fully available, without any restrictions on its usage and modification.

To unblock a file, right click on it, and select properties, and then select the ‘unblock’ button. It made use of several functions of int 21h, the MSDOS services interrupt.Once Snowdrop OS was functional, I added kernel-offered services such as random number generation and delay.I have created and included a number of utilities, including a file manager and a text editor. After all, what kind of an operating system doesn't have games?The Snowdrop OS and the apps are distributed as both a floppy disk (1.44Mb) image, as well as a CD-ROM image.

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